Georgetown University

Staff/AAP Advisory Council Representatives 2012-2013

Law Center
Anna Selden - 1 yr.
Tracey Thomas
Simone Woung
Tina Zimmerman - 1 yr.

Main Campus
Laura Bishop
Margaret Cerrato - 1 yr.
Meghan Dimsa
Nadim El-Khoury
Rachael Godlove
Sonia Jacobson
Maura Kasper - 1 yr.
Jennifer Long - 1 yr.
Allison Savoy-Logan - 1 yr.
Elizabeth Smith - 1 yr.

Medical Center
Margarita Abaunza
Samuel Aronson - 1 yr.
Trudy Bright
Patricia Burke - 1 yr.
Charles Campbell
Maria Teresita Cuna - 1 yr.
Donna Deardorff - 1 yr.
Chelsea Lyles

University Services
Lan Hoang
Margo Gottesman
Peter Luger - 1 yr.
Johanna Lund - 1 yr.
B. Logan McNeil
Tawanna Price
George Reese - 1 yr.
Mary Spring
Michael Wang - 1 yr.

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