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Hiring and Employment

201: Equal Employment Opportunity -- Affirmative Action

202 Job Posting

203: Job Application and Selection Process

204: Probationary Employment Period

205: Employment of Family Members

206: Employment of Minors

207: Temporary Employment

208: Special Employment

209: Reemployment

210: Background Checks

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Employee Relations
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Professional Conduct
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Employee Development
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Time Away From Work
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Work Hours and Pay Practices
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Health & Safety
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University Policies
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Human Resources Manual > Hiring and Employment > Job Application And Selection Process
Policy Number: 203 Effective Date: 11/1/98
New: Revised: x

203.1 STATEMENT The University will recruit, hire, transfer, and promote according to established Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action and Job Posting policies.  The Job Application and Selection Process policy outlines other requirements used in the recruitment and selection process. 
203.2 PHILOSOPHY Departments will follow established guidelines to ensure equitable selection practices are used throughout the University.
203.3 PROCEDURES Application Process
All applications for employment may be processed through Human Resources or the appropriate department.  This includes written expressions of interest, resumes, or employment applications for a specific position. 

Employees may also discuss general employment opportunities by contacting the appropriate representatives in the Human Resources departments. 

References—External Candidates
The Human Resources department, or the selecting department, will check references of external finalists. 

References—Internal Candidates
In the case of job candidates who are currently employed by the University, the Human Resources department will provide a copy of the last annual evaluation to the selecting department.  Additional information may be provided if the Human Resources representative determines it is relevant. 

If an internal candidate becomes a finalist, the selecting department (or Human Resources) may contact the individual's current supervisor before an offer is made. 

Employment Agencies
Selecting departments that use search firms or employment agencies must follow all applicable University hiring procedures in coordination with the appropriate Human Resources department.  Salary offers must also be reviewed by Human Resources. 

Notice—Internal Candidates
An internal candidate who accepts another position in the University must provide the current department with advance notice before transfer to the new position.  Minimum notice is one month for employees paid monthly and two weeks for individuals paid bi- weekly.  Exceptions may be made, by agreement of the current and new departments, to meet the best interests of the University. 

Benefits—Internal Candidates
The selecting department is responsible for all accrued benefits when a University employee is selected to fill a vacant position.  Subject to the terms of the Employment Categories policy, employees retain their original start date with no break in service when moving to other University positions. 

Individuals who move from departments on the Medical Center Paid Leave schedules to departments on the University's Paid Leave schedules will be paid for any accrued leave over 288 hours.  (Payment is made by the department on the Medical Center schedule.) 

Other changes in benefits may occur when a current employee moves between University positions.  Contact the Office of Employee Benefits for additional information. 

Relocation Expenses
The University does not generally pay moving and relocation expenses for newly hired individuals.  Exceptions may be made by departments with difficult to fill positions.  Refer to the Financial Information Systems Handbook for relocation payment guidelines and procedures. 

Employment Eligibility Information
Federal law requires all new hires to complete an Employment Eligibility form and provide documents that establish identity and employment eligibility.

203.4 RESPONSIBILITY Selecting departments are responsible for following the procedures and spirit of this policy.  The Human Resources department assists departments to recruit, hire, transfer and promote candidates.
203.5 RESOURCE Contact the appropriate Human Resources department if you have questions or if you would like more information about this policy.

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