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Human Resources Manual > Hiring and Employment > Employment of Family Members
Policy Number: 205 Effective Date: 04/30/2003
New: x Revised:

205.1 STATEMENT Georgetown University has established guidelines concerning the employment of family members within the University.
205.2 PHILOSOPHY Employment decisions are based on individual merit, and the University will consider employment of family members in the same or different departments.  However, individuals may not supervise family members or participate in employment decisions concerning a family member.
205.3 PROCEDURES Definition and Application
For purposes of this policy, a family member is any person related by blood, adoption or marriage. 

This policy applies to newly hired employees and to current employees who have changes in relationships (marrying another employee, for example), or changes in work assignments. 

Supervisory Role
A University employee may not directly supervise a family member.  If a situation occurs where family members are employed in the same work area or chain of command (but one does not directly supervise the other), each family member must arrange to be removed from processes concerning any other family member such as:

  • evaluating the performance of the family member;
  • considering the family member for reappointment, promotion or salary adjustment;
  • approving a leave of absence for the family member; or
  • participating in other decisions that present a possible conflict of interest or appearance of conflict of interest or impropriety (see Conflicts of Interest Policy).
205.4 RESPONSIBILITY An employee is responsible for complying with this policy when involved in employment decisions concerning a family member.  All employees must inform the Human Resources department of potential or existing situations concerning employment of a family member.
205.5 RESOURCE For more information concerning employment of family members, contact the Human Resources department.  Refer to the University's policy on Sexual Harassment and Conflicts of Interest for other relationships not covered in this policy.

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