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Human Resources Manual > Employee Relations > Suspension For Investigation
Policy Number: 305 Effective Date: 3/1/95
New: x Revised:

305.1 STATEMENT The University will authorize department heads or supervisors to suspend an employee while investigating alleged misconduct, insubordination or violations of University or departmental policies, rules, or regulations that may result in dismissal of the employee.  The Human Resources Department must be consulted before a suspension is authorized. 

 Cases of alleged fraud and embezzlement by University employees will be separately investigated by the Internal Audit Department.

305.2 PHILOSOPHY Suspension may be used to allow the University time to investigate and reach an informed decision concerning the disposition of an employee for alleged misconduct, insubordination, or violations of University or departmental policies, rules, or regulations.
305.3 PROCEDURES Notifying the Employee
Supervisors must provide written notice to an employee being placed on suspension.  The written notice will include:
  • A brief statement concerning the reason for the suspension
  • The estimated date the employee will be advised of the outcome of the investigation and final employment status
Pay Status during Suspension
Employees suspended for investigation will remain on paid status during the suspension. 

Conducting the Investigation
The appropriate department head will investigate alleged misconduct, insubordination or violations of University or departmental policies, rules, or regulations that result in suspension. 

Normally, investigations should be concluded within five working days of the suspension. 

The department head will conduct the investigation with the assistance of the Human Resources department.  Additional assistance may be requested from other University departments (e.g., Payroll, Internal Audit, etc.) during the investigation. 

Results of the Investigation
If formal disciplinary action is taken, the findings will be placed in the individual's permanent personnel file.  If no formal disciplinary action results from the investigation, the findings will not be included in the employee's permanent personnel file. 

Based on the investigation, the department head may conclude that:

  • the allegation was proven groundless;
  • the allegation was partially substantiated, but does not warrant dismissal; or
  • the allegation was substantiated and is grounds for dismissal.
305.4 RESPONSIBILITY All University departments follow the procedures outlined above.
305.5 RESOURCE Contact the appropriate Human Resources department if you have questions or if you would like more information about this policy.

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