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 Human Resources Manual > Employee Relations > Termination of Employment
Policy Number: 306 Effective Date: 3/1/95
New: x Revised:

306.1 STATEMENT Individuals who leave employment with the University are expected to provide adequate notice, return University property, and satisfy outstanding financial or other obligations before the last work day.  The University will pay employees for unused, accumulated paid  leave according to this policy.
306.2 PHILOSOPHY Separation from employment, whether voluntary or involuntary, must be handled in a responsible manner by all individuals involved.
306.3 PROCEDURES Notice of Separation
Employees who leave the University are expected to provide written advance notice.  Minimum requested notice is one month for employees paid monthly and two weeks for individuals paid bi-weekly.

Return of University Property and Satisfying Financial Obligations
Individuals who terminate employment must return all University property to the appropriate supervisor and satisfy all financial obligations on or before the last work day.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Identification cards, keys to buildings, vehicles, and equipment
  • Beepers, pagers, cellular telephones, and other communications equipment
  • Policy manuals and other confidential material
  • Books and other materials owned by the University, library books, computers, software, documentation, supplies, and other computer- related materials
  • Uniforms and tools issued by the University
  • Credit, telephone, and other cards
  • Tuition grants, outstanding advances, library and parking fines
Supervisors and managers are responsible for ensuring that all University property is obtained from terminating employees and financial obligations are satisfied.

Access to Computerized Information Systems
Upon termination, supervisors must make appropriate arrangements to discontinue an employee's password and/or access to all University information systems.  This may include but is not limited to financial, employee, patient, departmental local area networks and student information systems.

Payment of Leave
Employees will be paid for unused, accumulated paid leave when terminating employment with the University.  Hours paid cannot exceed the maximum leave accrual.  No payment will be made for unused sick leave.

Involuntary Termination 
Departments must contact the appropriate Human Resources representative before any disciplinary termination.  Departments must contact the appropriate Human Resources representative and the Office of Employee Benefits before terminating any employee who is on disability leave or receiving workers' compensation benefits.

Termination Paperwork Deadlines

  • Involuntary termination - District of Columbia law requires that a final paycheck be issued by the close of business on the day after the individual's last work day.  Departments must hand deliver termination paperwork to the appropriate Human Resources and Payroll departments so that this legal requirement can be met.
  • Voluntary termination - Departments must deliver completed paperwork to the appropriate Human Resources department within 3 days or by the last day of the pay period in which the termination occurs, whichever is earlier.
  • Deceased employees - Departments should complete and forward termination paperwork  to the appropriate Human Resources department within 24 hours after being notified of the death of an employee. The Office of Employee Benefits should also be notified.
306.4 RESPONSIBILITY All departments should follow the University's Termination of Employment policy and the procedures outlined above.  Employees are responsible for providing advance notice of voluntary termination and for settling outstanding financial obligations and returning University property before leaving employment.
306.5 RESOURCE Contact the appropriate Human Resources department if you have questions or if you would like more information about this policy.  Refer to the policy on Disciplinary Actions and Dismissals for disciplinary terminations.

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