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Human Resources Manual > Time Away From Work > Sick Leave
Policy Number: 605 Effective Date: 3/1/95
New: x Revised:

605.1 STATEMENT Prior to September 1, 1990 Georgetown University granted paid sick leave to eligible employees to use for personal illness or injury. Employees may have retained accrued sick leave hours under that program. In certain circumstances, such sick leave may also be used to care for an ill or injured family members.
605.2 PHILOSOPHY The University recognizes that, at times, employees may be unable to work due to personal illness or injury, or the illness of a family member. During such circumstances, sick leave accrued before September 1, 1990 may be used by eligible employees.
605.3 PROCEDURES Eligibility
Staff employees hired before September 1, 1990, who retained accrued sick leave hours (sick bank) are eligible for sick leave benefits. (Employees are also covered by paid leave programs. University employees should refer to Policy 602.)

Use of Sick Leave
Eligible employees who have retained accrued sick leave hours may use such hours for:

  • absence due to personal illness, injury, or disability, including absence covered by the Family and Medical Leave policy
  • health maintenance
  • absence due to the illness or injury of an employee's immediate family member, including absence covered by the Family and Medical Leave policy
  • the first three days absence related to a workers' compensation injury
To use sick leave, an employee must follow the department's established call-in procedure or scheduling procedure for health maintenance appointments.

Sick leave may not be used while an employee is on other approved paid leave or on an approved, unpaid leave of absence for education or personal reasons.

Departments will monitor leave records to prevent abuse of the sick leave policy and procedure.

If the employee uses more than three consecutive days of sick leave, the employee may be required to present a physician's certificate. If a supervisor identifies a pattern of sick leave use, a physician's certificate may be required for absences of less than three days. When a physician's certificate is required and the employee fails to provide the certificate, the employee will not be paid for sick leave.

A hospital employee, whose length of absence for any one illness exceeds five work days, must report to Employee Health for clearance before reporting to the work station. A hospital employee whose illness was caused by a communicable disease must always report to Employee Health for clearance before returning to work, regardless of the length of absence.

Transfer, Termination, and Reinstatement
When an employee transfers positions within the organization, all unused sick leave transfers to the new department.

Sick leave is not a termination benefit and no payment for unused sick leave will be made upon termination of employment or retirement.

Following termination, if an employee returns to work within one year to an employment status other than special or temporary, any unused sick leave will be reinstated.

605.4 RESPONSIBILITY Department heads are responsible for ensuring proper administration of the sick leave program and sick leave scheduling.

Employees are responsible for following established department scheduling and call-in procedures.

Supervisors and employees are responsible for the appropriate use of sick leave.

605.5 RESOURCE Contact the appropriate Human Resources or Payroll department if you have questions or if you would like more information about this policy.

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