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Human Resources Manual > Time Away From Work > Inclement Weather
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Policy Number: 611 Effective Date: 7/1/2000
New: Revised: x

611.1 STATEMENT In view of the fact that many services provided by the University are  required seven days a week on a twenty-four hour basis, the University will make every effort to remain open at all times.  Certain employees are designated as "emergency employees" for making possible that 24-hour operation.  Regardless of weather conditions, these employees must report to work as scheduled.  When conditions dictate, the University may modify the normal work schedule of employees not designated as emergency employees  by permitting early departures from work, by excusing late arrivals to work, by permitting the discretionary use of paid leave, or by closing a part of the University. 
611.2 PHILOSOPHY The University recognizes that transportation problems can result from severe weather conditions and will modify normal work schedules of employees not designated "emergency employees " as appropriate.  Georgetown will use the federal government's decision as a general guideline when considering whether to open or close all or part of the University during snow and ice storms.  A decision may vary between campuses and will depend on the University's ability to provide for the on-campus safety of students, faculty, staff and on the ability to maintain adequate heat in University buildings.  In addition, there can be specific instances where the D.C. government or Pepco, for example, requests that all businesses in the District delay opening or close early to conserve power or to respond to another community emergency.
611.3 PROCEDURES Certain University employees have been designated as emergency and must report to work as scheduled at all times.  When an employee is hired, transferred, promoted, or changes status, it is important that the employee be advised of his/her status as it relates to this Policy.  Each Fall, department heads should review the Inclement Weather Policy with their employees and ensure that each employee knows and understands his/her status as it relates to the term "designated emergency employee."  A form is available for departments to use to notify employees of their status.

Notification of Change in Schedule
When parts of the University are to be closed or the work schedule modified with respect to employees not designated as emergency employees, the Office of University Public Relations will contact television and radio stations.  A telephone weather line  (687- SNOW) with a recorded message has been established for employees to call that will outline the University's Plan related to the inclement weather situation.  The message on the telephone line is the official University status. 


  • Remain open - The weather line and media announcement will state:  "Georgetown University is open."
  • Liberal Leave - The weather line will state:  "Liberal leave is in effect.  Day classes will begin at their normal time.  Designated emergency employees must report to work on time."   All other employees may report up to two hours after their normal scheduled start time or may choose not to report to work.  Employees who do not report to work may use their accrued paid leave for the time.  Employees who report within two hours of their normal start time will be paid for those hours.
  • Delayed arrival - Should it be necessary to delay the start of classes or work due to weather conditions or other situations beyond our control, the weather line will state: "Georgetown University is open.  Classes will begin at [time designated].  Non emergency employees should report to work at [time designated], but they are expected to report to work.  All designated emergency employees must report to work on time."  If needed, the weather line will contain more detailed information about scheduling of classes on individual campuses.
  • Closure - The weather line will state, "Georgetown University is closed and classes are canceled.  Designated emergency employees must report to work."  Medical and Nursing School students with essential clinical assignments are to report for duty.  Employees who are excused from work due to the closing will receive their regular compensation for the time lost due to the closing.
Early Departure
When a decision is made to permit early departures, employees will be paid for the authorized excused hours. 

Evening Classes
The decision to cancel evening classes will be made by the Executive Vice President of each campus by 2:00 p.m. and that decision will be communicated to the University Public Relations Department for appropriate dissemination.

611.4 RESPONSIBILITY Each department must identify and notify its designated emergency employees.  Announcement of the decision to modify the work schedule or to close all or a part of the University with respect to employees not designated as emergency will be made by the Provost, Executive Vice President of each campus and coordinated, as necessary, by the Senior Vice President. 

It will be the responsibility of each employee to secure information regarding the University's posture during an individual inclement weather situation.

611.5 RESOURCE University Human Resources.

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