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 Human Resources Manual > Compensation > Job Analysis and Evaluation

Policy Number: 703 Effective Date: 7/1/99
New: x Revised: 11/1/07

703.1 STATEMENT All newly established University jobs, and jobs that have significantly changed will be reviewed by Human Resources to determine appropriate placement in a classification structure. 

When a job's classification grade or level changes because of reevaluation, the accompanying salary change, if any, will be determined under the Promotion, Lateral Transfer, Demotion, and Normal Hiring Range policies.

703.2 PHILOSOPHY Placement in a classification structure will be assigned to jobs in keeping with the University's policy of promoting consistency of evaluation and compensation equity. 

Review by Human Resources Generalist and the Classification Evaluation Committee
New jobs to be established, or existing jobs that have significantly changed, will be submitted to the appropriate Human Resources Generalist.  The Generalist will discuss the job with the department, evaluate the job and determine the appropriate classification grade or level.

Jobs may also be evaluated by the Classification Evaluation Committee, comprising the HR Generalists, the Senior Compensation Analyst, and such other staff as may be from time-to-time asked to serve on the Committee.  A representative from the department whose job is being evaluated may attend the meeting and make a presentation.

To help with the evaluation of particular positions for AAP classification determination, as determined by HR, an extended Classification Evaluation Committee comprising of the above mentioned individuals, along with representatives from Campus areas will participate. 

These are steps in the job evaluation process: 

Position Description
The department submits a position description to the appropriate Human Resources Generalist.  For existing positions, the description is completed by the incumbent employee and/or supervisor; descriptions for new positions are completed by the supervisor. 

Descriptions must be endorsed by the supervisor, and approved by the department head (or designee).  A current organization chart, showing the place of the job under evaluation, should accompany the description. Any other available information concerning the job's function should also be submitted. 

After the description is received, the Human Resources Generalist will contact the department if clarification or additional information is needed.

The position will be presented to the Classification Evaluation Committee for evaluation.  When there are positions for AAP classification determination the position may be evaluated by the extended Classification Evaluation Committee. 

The Classification Evaluation Committee may request the supervisor to attend the evaluation meeting to discuss the position in greater detail and provide insight that might not be discernable from the job description.  Supervisors who wish to attend should discuss the matter with their HR Generalist.  In certain circumstances, Human Resources will meet with the department or perform a desk audit on the job. 

Job Evaluation
The Human Resources Generalist or, in appropriate cases, the Classification Evaluation Committee, will evaluate the job.  A classification grade/level, or an ungraded designation, will be tentatively assigned using the results of the evaluation.  The supervisor will be informed and given the opportunity for input. 

Human Resources will forward a recommendation letter to the department.  The letter will include the results of the job evaluation, recommended classification grade/level or ungraded designation. 

Review of Classification Determination 
If the department does not agree with the job evaluation, the Classification Evaluation Committee will meet again to review their findings and the original recommendation.  The department will have the opportunity to meet again with the Committee for further clarification. 

The Committee's classification grade/level recommendations and amendments based on additional information, if any, will be communicated to the department. 

If there continues to be disagreement, a final determination will be made by the Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, in consultation with the appropriate Vice President, taking into account the Committee's recommendations. 

703.4 RESPONSIBILITY It is the responsibility of the department to submit a current, accurate and completed job description that will be evaluated within the guidelines of the University's Job Analysis and Evaluation policy.  The Human Resources Department and other University departments will evaluate the job description following the procedures outlined above. 
703.5 RESOURCE Contact the appropriate Human Resources Generalist if you have questions or if you would like more information about this policy.

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