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Human Resources Manual > Compensation > The Normal Hiring Range

Policy Number: 705 Effective Date: 11/1/98
New: Revised: 11/1/07
705.1 STATEMENT The University has established normal and maximum hiring ranges for positions.  These are based on salary grades and the qualifications and expected performance of newly hired individuals.  This policy applies to all Georgetown University staff employees.
The normal hiring range for any position is arrived at through a careful consideration of the prevailing wages in the appropriate labor market and an analysis of the internal equity within the hiring department and elsewhere in the University. 

Minimum Hiring Salary
The minimum hiring salary is the minimum of the salary range for the grade.

Salary Placement for New Hires 
Three major factors determine the starting salary for the job candidates: 

  • careful consideration of the range for prevailing wages in the appropriate labor market; and
  • the expected performance level of the individual based on qualifications, education, training, skills and experience; and
  • the rates of pay of other employees in the department and elsewhere in the University

Other relevant factors may be considered in appropriate cases.

Human Resources will make salary level recommendations to departments based on assessments of the experience, education, and training of the candidates to be hired, the prevailing wages in the appropriate labor markets, and the current compensation levels of others in the hiring department and in similar jobs across the University.


705.4 RESPONSIBILITY The University Human Resources department develops, administers and interprets the University's compensation policies. 
705.5 RESOURCE Contact the appropriate Human Resources Generalist if you have questions about this policy or if you would like more information. 

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