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Human Resources Manual > Employee Development  > University-Sponsored Membership In Career-Related Organizations
Policy Number: 501 Effective Date: 3/1/95
New: x Revised:

501.1 STATEMENT Georgetown University has established guidelines concerning support of employee memberships in career-related organizations.
501.2 PHILOSOPHY The University will support employees who wish to join and participate in career-related organizations when:
  • the affiliation is consistent with the mission and values of the University, 
  • membership will benefit the employee and the University, and
  • adequate funding is available to sponsor the membership.
501.3 PROCEDURES An employee may request the University to sponsor membership in an appropriate organization by submitting a request to the immediate supervisor.  The request should include:
  • a description of the organization,
  • an explanation of how the membership would benefit the University and the employee,
  • the complete cost of membership,
  • an estimate of the amount of University work time the employee will spend participating in the organization.
The supervisor will review the request and forward it with a recommendation to the department head.  The department head will promptly approve or disapprove the request and inform the employee and supervisor. 

A department head (or higher level employee) who wishes to join a career-related organization should send a request to the appropriate supervisor. 

Membership payments must be processed according to the University's fiscal procedures. 

501.4 RESPONSIBILITY Department heads are responsible for approving or disapproving requests for University-sponsored memberships in career-related organizations. 
501.5 RESOURCE For more information concerning this policy, contact the appropriate Human Resources department.


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