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Law Center Nominations

1. Ada, Merced
Date of Hire: 12-20-2011
Dept: Dean of Students

Statement of Interest from Ada, Merced:
The Council was created to “consult with University leadership on matters affecting life in the workplace,” and I am interested in working on this advisory board to advocate for the following issues: to gain improvements in work-life balance, to foster a sense of care and community among us, & to build networks and working relationships across campuses. A few specific examples that I am interested in exploring include improved communications of HR processes and policies, a community sick leave bank, and more Law Center on-site training.

November will mark my 2nd year with the Dean of Students office, and I previously worked for 2 years in Development. At these Law Center offices, I have worked with a diverse group of community members – from students to faculty to alumni to Law Center leadership to staff – and this experience has allowed me to develop unique institutional knowledge about Georgetown Law. Outside of the Law Center, my previous work experience includes legislative research, government financial auditing, and humanities and cultural preservation programming.

The Law Center is challenged by changes in the legal economy and legal education, but I am a firm believer that the work of all staff and AAP’s is absolutely critical to the success of students and to the spirit and mission of Georgetown. I would use my time on the Council to support programs and policies that ensure that your work is acknowledged, celebrated, and valued.
2. Dilks, Sarah
Date of Hire: 09-09-2010
Dept: Office of Public Interest and Community Service (OPICS)

Statement of Interest from Dilks, Sarah:
I am interested in serving on the Staff/AAP Advisory Council because I believe that the staff and administrative professionals at Georgetown are key to making Georgetown a wonderful place to learn, work, and serve. I hope the Advisory Council can work on improving communication strategies between top-level administrators and staff, and can serve as an effective conduit for conversation and input on decision-making processes that impact the whole University. My experience as an alumna of the Law Center and Public Policy Institute gives me additional insight into how policies and procedures impact all Georgetown’s constituencies, and I am eager to serve in a capacity to bring together voices from the breadth of the law school in this time of challenge and opportunity.
3. Gerety, Margaret
Date of Hire: 08-17-2011
Dept: JD Academic Services

Statement of Interest from Gerety, Margaret:
Our staff and AAP are the backbone of our institution. To bring our students the best education possible, we must have the support and resources to perform at our highest capacity. I would like to join the Council because I can effectively voice our concerns, needs and hopes and work collaboratively with other University offices and employees to share best practices and brainstorm solutions to problems.

I am detail-oriented, organized, and consider myself outspoken, friendly and approachable. Since coming to the Law Center from private practice, I have worked diligently with various offices to make projects like Week One and the Bulletin run smoothly. As a former tax attorney and academic advisor in J.D. Academic Services, I am a hard worker and relish the opportunity to look for practical solutions to complex problems. I take every opportunity to mentor younger staff and feel comfortable working with individuals of all levels of seniority.

In this current budget-conscious environment, the Council has an increasingly important role, including addressing issues such as salary, benefits and professional and career development. I hope to work within the Council to foster communication among all University bodies in order to encourage transparency and ensure that those in decision-making positions recognize and respect the critical role of the staff and the AAP within the University.
I hope you will give me the opportunity to represent this esteemed group.
4. Jewell, Christopher
Date of Hire: 09-13-2006
Dept: Information Systems Technology and CIO

Statement of Interest from Jewell, Christopher:
To be honest, I questioned the need for a Staff/AAP Advisory Council when it was originally created 2 years ago. This fiscal year has completely changed my opinion of the Council, and I would be honored to serve as your representative. I was stunned that staff were being asked to bear a disproportionate financial burden until the Council and others pushed back against the Administration. Yes, students are the heart of any educational institution. Yes, you need marquee faculty to attract them. But you still need staff to keep the trains running. I recognize these are challenging times for higher education, but if Georgetown is going to emerge stronger for it, students, faculty and staff must work in concert with mutual respect and open lines of communication.

I've been with the IST Department since 2006. As the Director of Systems Development, I manage 4 employees. I'm a big believer in the University's mission to foster lifelong learners -- I'm 9 courses into a liberal studies master's degree. I'm married with 2 young children, and I bike to work from my home in Arlington (nothing like kids and a mortgage to make you appreciate your salary and benefits).

The only thing I can promise to do if elected is to strenuously represent the interests of Georgetown Law's staff and AAPs. As a Jesuit university, Georgetown is supposed to focus on the whole person. If the Administration needs to be reminded of this ethos with respect to staff, I won't hesitate to deliver the message.
5. Selden, Anna
Date of Hire: 04-19-2000
Dept: Faculty Support and Journal Administration

Statement of Interest from Selden, Anna:
As a member of the Task Force that brought about the Staff/AAP Advisory Council and as a one-year member of the resulting organization, I have a strong interest in remaining involved and continuing to represent my colleagues.

My experience with the Task Force led my fellow Law Center representatives to select me as our Interim Campus Caucus President. Along with the Interim Leaders from Georgetown’s other campuses, we kept business moving until our constitution could be drafted and approved and new leaders could be elected.

The Council rallied when the initial announcement that there would be no staff increases was made. The Council worked hard to ensure that our voices were heard. That effort produced a number of Town Hall events held throughout the Georgetown Community. Our caucus led the Law Center Town Hall. We listened to and addressed the concerns raised, and we sought input from those not in attendance. We had several meetings with Dean Treanor to outline our concerns and to propose various solutions. While the end result did not have the financial impact many desired, it showed the University that we are an entity to be taken seriously.

I’d like to see the Council address issues as they pertain to improving the quality of our work life and those that foster the sense of Georgetown as a community. If elected, I plan to be available and open to any concerns raised by my colleagues.

6. Templeman, Michael
Date of Hire: 08-01-2006
Dept: O'Neill Institute Academic and Administration

Statement of Interest from Templeman, Michael:
As a nearly seven year employee of Georgetown and a recent MBA graduate from our own McDonough School of Business, I feel I not only have a vested interest in seeing Georgetown perform at its very best long into the future, but I also feel a strong sense of dedication to helping Georgetown become a truly great place to work.

Issues important to me as an employee, and issues I most often hear discussed among colleagues include:

-greater transparency in governance
-work/life balance considerations
-career path clarification and training opportunities for Staff/AAP (beyond TAP)
-monetary and non-monetary benefits

It would be a true honor to represent you on the Council and I sincerely thank you for your consideration.


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