Georgetown University


Main Campus Nominations

1. Cassidy, Rebecca
Date of Hire: 07-01-2011
Dept: MSB Academic Counseling

Statement of Interest from Cassidy, Rebecca:
Around the time of the Staff/AAP pay freeze announcement was made, I noticed large banners hanging on Healy Hall congratulating Georgetown for raising over a billion dollars as part of the “For Generations to Come” campaign. I was immediately struck by the inconsistency of the university’s message of being unable to grant staff/AAP a raise while at the same time having raised a billion dollars for university efforts. I then decided I would like to become involved – somehow.

My name is Rebecca Cassidy and I am an academic counselor at the McDonough School of Business. Throughout my career, I’ve worked with people from many walks of life, from university students to C-level executives at United Airlines. I’m passionate about serving our students, but as staff/AAP employees, we can only achieve our mission if we are supported and appreciated ourselves. As such, I would like to participate on the Advisory Council to address:

• Pay: Pay issues are of utmost concern. For staff and AAP employees, every penny counts. It is important for University decision makers to keep this in mind.
• Appreciation: Staff/AAP are the engine that makes the university run. More publicity around staff/AAP is needed, informing every one of the herculean efforts being made by staff/AAP every day.
• Communication: I believe that communication is a two-way street. I would like to act as a conduit between Staff/AAP and University decision makers to enhance communication between both groups.

2. Consolo, Kristen
Date of Hire: 03-10-2008
Dept: Dean's Office - SCS

Statement of Interest from Consolo, Kristen:
My name is Kristen Consolo and I work at SCS as the Assistant Dean for Planning. I have worked at SCS for just over five years in three different roles, first with one of our academic programs and now in our Dean’s Office. While working at SCS, I also spent three years as an evening student at MSB, where I had a great experience.

Over the past 2-3 years I’ve had more opportunities to work on projects where I have been exposed to issues that impact all of GU, as opposed to just SCS. I’ve enjoyed this work and think these projects have provided me with a chance to see how GU works together as a whole, as opposed to separately as independent schools and central service units. Looking back, I realize how much I’ve gained from these experiences of seeing the “big picture” and how they have helped me do a better job in my work at SCS.

I think that this is where my desire to be a part of the Advisory Council comes in: I believe that this group can help to serve this purpose of encouraging collaboration and information sharing among all GU employees. By bringing together people from across GU on a regular basis, the Advisory Council can help facilitate the sharing of ideas and best practices across units, in order to help us all work more efficiently and effectively.
3. Dodd, Kathleen
Date of Hire: 05-11-2011
Dept: Marketing

Statement of Interest from Dodd, Kathleen:
I am interested in serving on the Advisory Council because I want to ensure that the staff at this university continue to have a voice, and I would be tremendously honored to be a representative voice for my colleagues. My past experience includes a one-year term at a member of the Board of Directors for the American Advertising Federation (Washington, DC chapter). While serving on this board I sat on various committees ranging from finance to communications.

I was honored to be nominated for the Advisory Council because as a Marketing Manager, I have never had the pleasure to work for such a tremendous organization as Georgetown. However, I have my concerns and would like the Advisory Council to address a few issues within the next year. The first area of concern is the salaries and wages of the staff, and the merit increase policy. I would like to learn more about the process for determining wages and see if there was a better solution in an effort to maintain a living wage for our locality. Additionally, I would like to address transportation benefits. The move downtown for SCS will require me to look more closely at how I get to work each day – either by car, train, or bus. I would like to propose that the university takes a closer look at how each staff member arrives to work and perhaps consider additional options to make that trip more convenient and cost effective for all parties.

Thank you, and I look forward to serving if elected.

4. Duprey, Tara
Date of Hire: 04-12-2005
Dept: Employer Relations

Statement of Interest from Duprey, Tara:
5. Even-Kesef, Donna
Date of Hire: 07-10-2006
Dept: Department of Biology

Statement of Interest from Even-Kesef, Donna:
I have always firmly believed that the strength of any organization, corporation, or in our case, university – is only as strong as it’s administrative staff. Every organization has to have a strong base on which to build – I believe that administrative professionals are that base. I am interested in being a part of the Advisory Council in the hope that I can take my 20+ years of experience as an administrative professional to call intention to the value we bring to our respective departments in the university. Because we work silently (for the most part) behind the scenes – our needs and potential often times go unnoticed. I would like the opportunity to work with like-minded professionals to raise awareness on the campus of our contributions to the success of the university.

I have worked in various industries in capacities from corporate credit lending in a bank, to a college recruiter for a consulting firm. I have been a receptionist and I have been a manager. I understand the perceptions and obstacles we face in the type of work we do each day.

I would like to see the Advisory Council address the following:

- Pay equality across campus in administrative positions
- Training and Development that encourages promotion from within
- Paths to promotion
- Offering staff discounted opportunities for university services such as:
o Yates Field House
o University Bookstore
o Meal plan in the dining hall
o Summer Camps
o Etc.
- Childcare issues

6. Flanders, Jason
Date of Hire: 02-09-2011
Dept: SA-Residential Services-Housing Operations

Statement of Interest from Flanders, Jason:
7. Friends, Candise
Date of Hire: 01-07-2009
Dept: MICP - Operations

Statement of Interest from Friends, Candise:
8. Gates, Vicki
Date of Hire: 11-10-2010
Dept: MSB Office of the Chief Operating Officer

Statement of Interest from Gates, Vicki:
I am interested in being on the council to hear concerns and offer a voice on behalf of staff and AAPs' needs and concerns.

My relevant experience is working in a business partner role of human resources. My position primarily involves being of assistance to enhance the quality of work life for employees.

I would like the Advisory Council to address rewards/retention strategies and other benefits options for employees.
9. Gozdziak, Elzbieta
Date of Hire: 05-13-2002
Dept: Institute for the Study of International Migration (ISIM)

Statement of Interest from Gozdziak, Elzbieta:
I joined ISIM in May 2002 as Research Director and Editor-in-Chef of International Migration. Additionally, I teach three anthropology courses and several short courses offered as part of the Certificate in International Migration Studies.

I am interested in joining the Staff/AAP Advisory Council to represent the group of AAPs who have full-time professional positions in research-- fully supported from sources external to the university-- and are de facto research faculty. I am particularly interested in exploring the ways this group could best serve and be best served by the University.

I would like to work with like-minded colleagues to assess what provisions the University could make for those of us that most clearly resemble regular faculty in regard to responsibility in designing, carrying out and managing research -- including service as principal investigator -- quality of publications, supervision of research students, recognition inside and outside of the university, professional activities and active participation in the continuing effort to improve the University. I would be interested in exploring the creation of a new category of research faculty positions. Furthermore, I would like to work on enhancing financial support for research faculty, ensuring eligibility for internal grants, an equitable space allocation. I believe that these innovations would contribute to an improved career path and more satisfaction among this group of colleagues.

10. Grewal, Harsimrat
Date of Hire: 08-19-2009
Dept: Finance and Administration - GSAS

Statement of Interest from Grewal, Harsimrat:
As Assistant Director of Financial Aid for the Graduate School, I advocate on behalf of graduate students and the advancement of graduate education at Georgetown University. I came to Georgetown in pursuit of a graduate degree and obtained a Master’s degree in English unaware of how closely connected to Georgetown I would remain upon graduation. I find the service that my colleagues and I at the Graduate School provide for our students deeply rewarding.

My experiences at Georgetown have taught me that as a team we can foster change that benefits the greater good by listening to one another. I hope to utilize my experience as a former graduate student and current employee of Georgetown to improve the overall quality of the work environment for Staff/AAP employees. With fellow council members I hope to implement incentives for employees who demonstrate the ability to consistently support students and faculty through their efforts. A challenge the university faces is ensuring that students are paid timely for work performed. There are employees who work to minimize the financial hardship students have to face by communicating effectively and proactively hiring students in a timely manner. These employees not only serve the students with their efforts but also help the university as a whole remain in federal compliance. As a member of the Advisory Council, I hope to advocate on the behalf of Staff/AAP employees while also continuing to support our students and faculty.
11. Griffith, Gail
Date of Hire: 04-14-2010
Dept: Senior Associate Dean

Statement of Interest from Griffith, Gail:
I have been affiliated with Georgetown for over four decades, first as a student in SFS and later as a staff member. I had the privilege of working for the SFS Dean from 1978 to 1995. After fifteen years working as an advocate on different humanitarian issues, I returned to the University in 2010, and once again have the pleasure of working for the current SFS Dean. I have enormous affection and regard for the university and believe that we are on a trajectory towards greatness. As we've grown though, regret what I see as a growing disparity between staff and faculty and I’d like to see the Staff/AAP council become a vehicle for addressing this disparity.

Gail Griffith, F'72, S'81
Director of Outreach, School of Foreign Service
12. Gupta, Rajeev
Date of Hire: 10-04-2006
Dept: Auxiliary and Video Services

Statement of Interest from Gupta, Rajeev:
As a Classroom Computer Coordinator/Network Administrator, I have built a closer and professional relationship with faculty, staff, and students. This affiliation gives me a wider perspective on the dynamics of the student population and how the roles of the faculty and staff revolve around higher education. My goal is to address educational technological issues and perspectives affecting University performance.

If elected, I will be the voice of the unheard faculty, staff, and students. I will be an active participant facilitating leadership, skill development, and community outreach. I aim to establish a growing and positive relationship in hopes to make an everlasting impression on the legacy of the University’s future. I plan to develop new opportunities as well as update or modify existing plans so Georgetown University may continue to strive and grow. I will work with the council to create an incentive for staff and departments with “Department of Excellence Award”. Staff needs to be praised and recognized for their continuing hard work. For the evolution of the faculty and staff community I would initiate a conversation that addresses alternative work arrangements, overlooked FMLA and sick leave, and disparities between staff and AAP benefits.

As members of this community it is our moral commitment to represent Georgetown University at the highest level through hard work and pride.
13. Heather, Katie
Date of Hire: 07-07-2008
Dept: SA-Residential Education

Statement of Interest from Heather, Katie:
14. Hogge, Meghan
Date of Hire: 02-06-1998
Dept: University Registrar

Statement of Interest from Hogge, Meghan:
I feel very honored to have been nominated to serve on the staff/AAP council. I have worked at Georgetown for 15 years now in 3 different positions across the University, first in the Medical Center and then in SFS and finally my current position for the Registrar's Office and Provost's Office as the Director of Academic Events. I have had the pleasure of working with many different offices and employees at all levels across campus through my events and feel that I would be an ideal candidate to represent other staff members.

As a working wife and mother of two, I can relate to the work/life balance issues many of us face. I would like to continue to explore ways to alleviate these issues and improve flexibility while maximizing productivity. When the council was holding town halls to address the salary freeze issue, many staff members offered some very creative ideas and solutions to the council. I would like to try to introduce some of those ideas to boost morale and improve job satisfaction.

I look forward to representing you on the Staff/AAP advisory council.

15. Hoon, Shane
Date of Hire: 01-27-2010
Dept: Communication, Culture, and Technology (CCT)

Statement of Interest from Hoon, Shane:
As a Georgetown graduate, now employee, I am interested in advocating the future directions of this institution, while representing those that contribute to its mission, function, and growth. As a member of this council, I hope to collaborate to encourage and promote innovative advancement and progressive development at all levels, while still maintaining the traditions and standards of excellence, commitment and unity that Georgetown already preserves. During my time at Georgetown, I have championed new initiatives and innovative projects to contribute to the overall development of the university. I have been an active participate on a number of committees and groups including: Career Services Committee, On-line Training/Resources Committee, Social Media Working Group, and an active ally in bringing to Georgetown. Through my interactions and relationships with colleagues across campus, I have come to appreciate the challenges/frustrations that many experience, which I hope to address and work for change and advancement. I would like to see the council address issues related to establishing greater collaboration and communication between departments and programs, as there seems to be a good deal of overlap and repeated efforts being done. Finally, as Georgetown continues to explore new ways to stay dynamic and competitive, we need to re-evaluate how the institution is being represented, internally and externally, and establish better standards moving forward.
16. Huntley, Caitlin
Date of Hire: 01-04-2010
Dept: Administration - Summer and Special

Statement of Interest from Huntley, Caitlin:
I have been a member of the Georgetown community for over ten years, first as a student and student- employee and now as an alumna and full-time staff member. I have viewed Georgetown through many lenses and can offer various perspectives on the issues affecting us. I believe that just because we have done something one way forever doesn’t mean we cannot change that. I have a background in education policy and approach problems by identifying the root of that problem and finding ways to fix that root instead of treating symptoms and side effects. I understand that this means sometimes things need to change, even if that change is uncomfortable or challenging. However, this also means that change can be positive.

I have served on several committees throughout my career in higher education, discussing and evaluating topics such as faculty and staff hiring, academic planning, and undergraduate advising. The Staff/AAP Advisory Council gives us the chance to voice concerns and work together to find viable solutions. In particular, I would like to see the Advisory Council address issues of staff morale, the university performance review process, and more ways to embody our Jesuit values. I would love the opportunity to serve on this council to connect and collaborate with our community and to give our community a voice on these and other important issues.

17. Jarema, Lauren
Date of Hire: 06-05-2012
Dept: Student Affairs

Statement of Interest from Jarema, Lauren:
18. Johannesson McCoy, Lauren
Date of Hire: 08-17-2009
Dept: Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching, and Service (CSJRTS)

Statement of Interest from Johannesson McCoy, Lauren:
I’m interested in being on the Advisory Council because I care deeply about Georgetown (as an alumna, employee, and grad student), and I’d like to serve the community that has given me so much. It would also be a privilege to voice the concerns of the staff to University leaders. In this way, I’d like to do what I can to help make Georgetown a better place for my colleagues.

To this position, I would bring the experience I’ve gained as a classroom teacher, legal administrator, and Georgetown employee to serve my colleagues as a member of the Staff/AAP Advisory Council. Especially important issues for me are employee retention and compensation.
19. Jones, Eleanor
Date of Hire: 08-05-1996
Dept: Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS)

Statement of Interest from Jones, Eleanor:
20. Kapelski, Laura
Date of Hire: 06-10-2010
Dept: MSB Career Curricula - Operations

Statement of Interest from Kapelski, Laura:
21. Kendrick, Greta
Date of Hire: 11-18-1991
Dept: Counseling

Statement of Interest from Kendrick, Greta:

My interest in serving on the AAP council stems from my love for this institution which I have been a part of for nearly a quarter century in nearly every role available: student, alumna, staff, and AAP. I bring to the council a wealth of experience working across offices on the Main Campus: in my current position in the Office of Student Financial Services, I am the office’s liaison to the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access, I serve on a Student Adjudication Committee, and I also hold a seat on an Admissions Review Committee.

My position requires working effectively with diverse sets of individuals, from the students and parents looking to finance an education – to all other student service offices on campus. I feel I am uniquely qualified in my understanding of how to effectively work with others. I seek a position on the Staff/AAP council to be able to leverage these talents and experiences into something tangible for the betterment of Georgetown University employees. I seek to offer constructive feedback and dialogue to those in policy decision making positions to ensure that all perspectives are taken under advisement and consideration at policy review sessions. I hope to identify opportunities for the council to play leadership roles within the university – and the community - to promote a more unified and diverse Georgetown which serves the greater good.

Thank you for your consideration
Greta Kendrick

22. Klein, Mei-Ling
Date of Hire: 10-20-2008
Dept: Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS)

Statement of Interest from Klein, Mei-Ling:
I have held three different positions at MSB and SFS since 2008. As a result I have become very familiar with the Main Campus.

My past work experiences include: teaching in Taiwan, starting a handicraft center for an NGO in India, advising students at Southern Illinois University, and directing admissions, alumni relations, and development programs in various international schools in Japan and Switzerland.

I have gained an understanding of what issues matter to employees at different positions due to my extensive work experience. My involvement in the past with various committees also taught me how to work with a team to find solutions that benefit both the institution and the employees. Colleagues often describe me as analytical, empathetic and an advocate for good causes.

Low morale is an issue faced by some GU staff members who feel unappreciated and not respected. Other staff members feel they are not treated equitably. In becoming the cohesive community I feel we have the potential to become, we need to address these and other issues so that there can be a better work environment for all.

I hope my professional and personal experiences and my genuine interest in service help convince you that I am qualified to serve on the Staff/AAP Advisory Council.

23. Lopez, James
Date of Hire: 07-06-2011
Dept: Administration - CGES

Statement of Interest from Lopez, James:
Georgetown University has provided me with a wealth of opportunities since I began working at the BMW Center for German and European Studies in July 2011. I’m proud to represent SFS, and I’d be equally proud to have the opportunity to represent the interests of all Main Campus staff and AAPs as a member of the Advisory Council.

Over the past two years, I’ve had the pleasure of building relationships across main campus: serving as a departmental technology representative, taking courses in in the Graduate School, and working with friends at SEO and MCFO. If elected, I will continue to strengthen relationships with Main Campus staff and AAP members as well as build new bridges across departments. I have two year of’ professional experience working in women’s rights, and I would like to make gender equality a top priority for the University. I believe our strength lies in our diversity, and will focus on promoting the best interests of everyone, regardless of any differences we may have.

If elected to the Advisory Council, I will facilitate productive discussions regarding compensation and benefits, promote further opportunities for professional development, increase visibility, and seek ways to make it easier for all of us to voice our concerns and be heard.

24. Lyons, Robert
Date of Hire: 09-28-2011
Dept: Asian Studies Program (ASP)

Statement of Interest from Lyons, Robert:
25. Maxwell, David
Date of Hire: 09-01-2011
Dept: Center for Security Studies (CSS)

Statement of Interest from Maxwell, David:
I have been nominated to serve on the Staff/AAP Advisory Council. This is not I position that I sought nor seek; however, if elected I will be honored to serve. I am the Associate Director of the largest Masters Program in the School of Foreign Service with 310 students, 12 core faculty, 80 adjunct faculty, 20 research assistants, and a staff of 7. I have worked at Georgetown for nearly two years learning how the University is organized and operates. Prior to Georgetown I was a member of the faculty at the National War College of the National Defense University teaching security strategy as well as working as the deputy course director for the capstone strategy course. I served in the US Army for 34 years retiring as a Special Forces Colonel. I have served numerous tours overseas working with a wide variety of people and been responsible for the operation of a 26,000 person organization; the US Army Special Operations Command. My military service has provided me with both executive leadership and academic faculty experience. If elected I intend to focus on ensuring that the Georgetown Staff /AAP is recognized as being made up of professionals who serve the students and University with great skill and care. I will work to prevent decisions being made regarding Staff/AAP compensation without adequate consideration of the contribution the staff makes. In short, I will be an advocate and strong voice for the professional men and women who serve as Staff/AAP at Georgetown.
26. Ogden, Clare
Date of Hire: 08-20-1993
Dept: Executive Leadership Team

Statement of Interest from Ogden, Clare:
I have been active in the Advisory Council from its earliest stages during brown bag lunch sessions, as a multi-year appointee to the Task Force which established our voice at Georgetown, and as a member of the original election committee. We know the Council has already been an effective advocate for staff and AAPs - remember the compensation decision which was reconsidered during the University’s budget process earlier this year.

Perhaps the University could consider allowing a Council representative to participate, even in listening mode, when changes affecting staff and AAPs are being considered (e.g. compensation, benefits, etc.). We could add value at the front end of decision-making and promote a more positive attitude among colleagues. Thinking ahead to issues and worthy projects, some time ago I shared an idea with colleagues which we might want to consider: establishing a voluntary leave bank program for staff and AAPs who have exhausted their paid leave and are experiencing personal or family medical emergencies. Various federal agencies have models where employees with unused accrued leave or who have reached the leave threshold whereby additional hours cannot be accumulated, can donate or transfer their hours to the “bank.” We might provide the partnership for investigating and coordinating this program through Human Resources.

I appreciate the nomination and would be honored to participate again in the important work of the Advisory Council.
27. Powell, Allynn
Date of Hire: 07-01-2010
Dept: Employer Relations

Statement of Interest from Powell, Allynn:
28. Raimondo, Beverly
Date of Hire: 01-01-2008
Dept: Career Education Center

Statement of Interest from Raimondo, Beverly:
29. Ridder, Anne
Date of Hire: 12-21-1983
Dept: Administration - Graduate Liberal Studies

Statement of Interest from Ridder, Anne:
Pleased to be nominated, I'm Anne Ridder, willing to serve on the Staff/AAP Advisory Council. Recalling my HR Orientation 30 years ago, Georgetown was described as a tight community with keen awareness of the well-being of its personnel working to support the Jesuit mission to teach and serve others. That image of Georgetown, those personal expectations remain ones I cherish. I joined the University community first as a graduate student while working in parish ministry, then became a Registrar's Office employee, next joined the School of Languages and Linguistics, and finally in 1989 the School of Continuing Studies as Associate Director of Graduate Liberal Studies and the Senior Citizen Auditor Program Coordinator. Amid campus construction, expansion to Georgetown Downtown, new technology, we work elbow to elbow assisting one another and exchanging ideas. Of special note are changes/decisions impacting personnel. The recent Alumni Weekend re-ignites an idea I have to establish a TAP "Alumni Club." Colleagues have commented on the benefit of connecting in the "workplace" with those whom they have also met in the classroom. Let's build on that Hoya spirit and talent. As facilitator of the University's Bereavement Support Group for many years, I welcome ideas on behalf of this group who support one another in challenging times, a circle of care. In this evolving University, serving those who serve is time well spent. I am eager to work with and for the Council.
30. Ruby, Christina
Date of Hire: 03-01-1999
Dept: BMW Center for German and European Studies (CGES)

Statement of Interest from Ruby, Christina:
As one of you, I will advocate passionately on your behalf. I have worked at the School of Foreign Service for the past seven years, and before that was at the Medical Center in an administrative position for several years before. I love being a member of the Georgetown community. Because of extensive contacts, I think I am in a unique position to understand past and present staff concerns that span across campuses. I have worked with faculty affairs, human resources, and multiple administrative offices through difficult layoff issues, and have also been a strong advocate for staff during recent merit increase freezes. I would like to continue to be a voice for my colleagues in a council position. In particular, I know that a lot of staff would appreciate more child and family care options, as well as continued representation to the Board when it comes to merit raises. Ask anyone whom I have worked with. I listen to your concerns and will represent you well.
31. Sanderson, Jason
Date of Hire: 08-23-2004
Dept: Office of Global Education (OGE)

Statement of Interest from Sanderson, Jason:
I have worked in the Office of International Programs for nearly nine years and have recently completely my doctoral degree here at Georgetown. Through my time on the Hilltop, I have come to know and appreciate the University for all it has to offer and wish to represent the unique status that AAPs have on our campus. In addition to working in an office that is both large and diverse, I have been fortunate to be part of multiple outreach efforts to other various units across campus. Over time, this has afforded me the opportunity to get to know colleagues in a variety of contexts and to gain insight to a wide range of issues that affect colleagues, whether they be faculty, AAP or staff. I would be honored to be able to contribute to discussions about issues as they relate to staff and AAPs and, moving forward, help shape coherent policies that are equitable and fair for all cohorts of university employees.
32. Smith, Elizabeth
Date of Hire: 08-19-1992
Dept: University Registrar

Statement of Interest from Smith, Elizabeth:
In the words of The O’Jays: “You got to give the people - give the people what they want”. My name is Liza Smith and as a member of the Staff and AAP Advisory Council that is what I plan to continue doing. I am running for office again and am seeking your vote. I work as the System & Data Management Analyst for the University Registrar Office. I am also an activist and I work on many local and state campaigns. I understand the importance of pay and benefit fairness to ensure that all employees feel that they are a valued part of the University. As I stated last year, we can’t have a strong Advisory Council if those people at the lower end of the pay scale are not given a voice. I am that voice and I will continue to fight. We need transparency at all levels of the Council. I understand how the high cost of daycare on campus, parking and health insurance hurts the lower income workers. I still believe we should have a progressive pay scale for health care, daycare and parking cost.

I look forward to continuing the good work that we as a committee are accomplishing – such as maintaining a merit pool for FY14. I will continue to have the best interest of the Staff and AAP members of the university community because any decision that is made will have an impact on my life. I will continue to address issues on pay and benefit fairness. I will also continue to focus on how all employees can work together and carry out the core mission of the University.

33. Snyder, Maria
Date of Hire: 01-20-1998
Dept: Finance and Administration - GSAS

Statement of Interest from Snyder, Maria:
Over the last fifteen years, I have worked in a myriad of roles across several departments on the Main Campus. For the last nine years, I have been the Senior Grants Administrator for the Humanities and Social/Behavioral Sciences in the Graduate School. In this role, I work with graduate students and faculty to secure Federal and other funding for their research initiatives as well as promote institutional research among the Main Campus faculty. In addition to my work at Georgetown, I bring another perspective, that of a Georgetown student, having spent several years in a program at the Medical Center.

I recall a time when there was no organized, official “voice” for Staff and AAPs and the inequities this represented. In the short time since its inception, the Advisory Council has had both a powerful and positive impact during a time of transition, where their input was desperately needed. As we move towards new challenges, I would like to add my voice to the conversation. One issue of great importance, which I would like to work toward implementing if elected, is partner benefits as they relate to tuition remission and health insurance.

To this extent, I plan to bring great enthusiasm and a breadth of experience to the Georgetown community in a new role on behalf of my fellow staff members.

34. Spence, Melissa
Date of Hire: 08-18-2004
Dept: Program for Jewish Civilization (PJC)

Statement of Interest from Spence, Melissa:
35. Starvaggi, Nicholas
Date of Hire: 05-25-2011
Dept: Associate Dean for Finance and Administration

Statement of Interest from Starvaggi, Nicholas:
I would like to serve on the Staff/AAP Advisory Council because I believe it is currently the only mechanism that provides staff and AAPs with a voice on campus. Faculty have the Faculty Senate, and some of the employees of Georgetown have a union to represent them, but the staff and AAPs do not have a powerful voice on campus. I would like to participate in future campus discussions on issues such as merit, benefits, and other important issues facing the Georgetown community.

My experience in the SFS Dean’s Office as Assistant Director of Faculty Affairs has provided me with insight into the HR policies and procedures that affect not only faculty, but also staff and AAPs. I have studied leadership in human resources in my course work for a Master’s degree in public policy and management, and have tried to lead by example in my own unit at Georgetown. In 2012, I received a performance award for outstanding service in SFS, which is awarded based on leadership, cross-school impact, and creativity. I would like to continue these efforts in a campus-wide setting.

Issues that I would like address include: merit for staff and AAPs; revisions of the sick leave policies for staff and AAPs; and Metro benefits. These issues are presently in the forefront of most discussions of issues involving staff/AAPs, but I also look forward to tackling other unexpected issues as they arise in the future.

36. Steen, Anne
Date of Hire: 08-01-2006
Dept: Senior Associate Dean

Statement of Interest from Steen, Anne:
My interest in the Council stems from my interest in one of the Georgetown’s richest resources – its’ staff. My colleagues deserve recognition and respect for their work, creativity, dedication and commitment to out students and the University. I work side-by-side with a cadre of impressive staff and AAP colleagues. Every day I come to work I continue to be humbled by the quality and caliber of my staff and AAP colleagues here at Georgetown University and their commitment to quality programs and service.

I have experience working with similar groups at other universities. While I have been at Georgetown for almost seven years, I have worked in five institutions of higher education over the past 30 years. I have served on similar committees at AU and UVA. As a member of these staff councils, I saw first-hand the impact that effective communication, training, awards and recognition can have on an individual and a unit.

I would like to see the Staff and AAP Advisory Council address the following issues: Communication and Opportunities for Input are areas that need attention. I would like to see the Council provide a mechanism for feedback before decisions are in the implementation phase.
Recognition and Appreciation are values that retain and attract good staff. Benefits and Resources the University asks staff and AAPs to think out of the box and problem solve. The staff and AAPs should be able to expect the same from key leaders across the University

37. Stephenson, Katelyn
Date of Hire: 03-24-2008
Dept: Admissions - MBA Full-Time

Statement of Interest from Stephenson, Katelyn:
I have had a range of experiences during my 5 years at Georgetown and I believe that they have given me insight that will be valuable to the Council. I have observed many changes, but believe that there is room for improvement and that is why I’m interested in serving on the Council. Through my functional role in Admissions I am required to be a “people-connector” and to engage with the community at all levels. This was a helpful part of my early education about the University. In my current role, I continue to promote the Georgetown community every day externally, but I would like to be better positioned to support it internally as well. As I have progressed and had opportunities to learn about the institution at a higher level, I have realized that there are aspects of being a Georgetown employee that can be improved and I would like to advocate for some of those changes. The Council must address the concerns of employees first and foremost. As a department manager I understand what some of those concerns are and believe that retaining professional talent must be a priority. Creating opportunities and facilitating professional progression within Georgetown not only aligns with our mission to develop and “educate the whole person” (including staff and students) but it also helps us keep valuable people. This benefits the entire community. The prospect of contributing to this process is one way that I would like to give back to a place that has given me so much.
38. Todd, Moira
Date of Hire: 06-27-2011
Dept: Mortara Center for International Studies

Statement of Interest from Todd, Moira:
I am pleased and honored to receive a nomination for the Georgetown University Staff/AAP Advisory Council. As a relatively new employee to Georgetown (two years this summer!), I believe I could bring valuable knowledge from my years of experience at comparable institutions. I participated in an administrative council at Tufts University and I have long been a natural leader. Serving on the Advisory Council would be a tremendous personal experience for me to learn more about the inner workings of higher education. As a representative from the School of Foreign Service, I would seek to address issues of concern to my colleagues as well as the broader main campus. Personally, I would like to see more attention on staff hiring practices and talent management. As we know, salary is one of the most expensive investments, so managers at all levels need the skills and technology to make the right hires for Georgetown.
39. Twose, Sarah
Date of Hire: 06-20-2012
Dept: Communication, Culture, and Technology (CCT)

Statement of Interest from Twose, Sarah:
My interest in serving on the Staff / AAP Advisory Council takes root in my commitment to Georgetown--not only as a university that fosters lifelong learning, but also a community that promotes civic engagement, respect, and inclusiveness.

Last year I returned to Georgetown as an employee, three years after completing my master’s degree. Now, with added insights into the tough decisions that university administrations often must face, I have greater appreciation for our shared challenges of sustaining and leveraging resources, implementing and communicating about change--and, most of all, I have tremendous appreciation for the obvious time, attention, and consideration that countless members of the Georgetown community give to understanding all sides of an issue.

My professional history includes managing two small nonprofits. Service on committees is an integral part of this work--and I enjoyed it very much. For committee service is a supported, wide-ranging opportunity that can translate new vision into noticeable action, and I like especially that this committee focuses on people in our community who work hard to make our university a happy, healthy place: University Staff and AAPs.

I have been enormously pleased to know and work with talented and dedicated individuals here at Georgetown. It would an honor to know and work with still more of you in service to this Advisory Committee.

40. Watts, Christina
Date of Hire: 01-25-2008
Dept: Administration - CERES

Statement of Interest from Watts, Christina:
Staff and AAPs are a central part of the Georgetown community and the Advisory Council is an important part of our community interactions. As staff and AAPs, we face unique issues and concerns on a daily basis and we need leaders to help us address those challenges. If elected to the Advisory Council, I believe I can serve as a voice for collaboration and innovation across department and campus areas. I have worked here at Georgetown for 5 years, serving on the School of Foreign Service Administrative Committee, the Main Campus Council and the Department Technology Representative Council, as well as being a Floor Marshall in the ICC building. I have worked with many colleagues across departments and schools, including faculty and students. I believe these experiences will prove useful in navigating the pressing challenges facing the Advisory Council, including communication with other University populations and compensation/benefits/morale. The current global fiscal climate and on-going technological changes highlight these challenges and I believe that the Advisory Council has an opportunity to positively and constructively address the issues that are most important to Georgetown.
41. White, Lawanda
Date of Hire: 03-16-2011
Dept: Campus Activity Facilities

Statement of Interest from White, Lawanda:
I am interested in being on the Advisory Council because as a member of the Georgetown community, I have a personal interest in advocating for particular issues and concerns that impact my community. On that note, there is limited representation of young, minority professionals on the board and I feel that it is critical that this Council is reflective of their entire population. Additionally, I find that it is equally important to build stronger relationships outside of my department, in an effort to better understand and engage with academic and administrative professionals throughout the institution.

As a current employee and public relations coordinator, my verse background in Communications would ideally be relevant in contributing to the success of this organization. More specifically, as I am currently in a position that requires a clear understanding of peoples' needs, civil discourse, strategic solutions and execution, I feel confident that I would be an asset to this Council.

I would like to see that the Council continues to take a holistic approach to Staff/AAP issues. As well as seek to address concerns of various departments that do not directly have affiliations with the board. It would be exciting to more frequently engage the University body through direct communications, special events and open forums.

42. Zimmerman, Benjamin
Date of Hire: 06-08-2011
Dept: Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (BSFS)

Statement of Interest from Zimmerman, Benjamin:
I am interested because I am “that person” who is willing to say the necessary things that others want to say but might be afraid to say, and also “that person” who is willing to go the extra mile to follow through. I know there are incredible talents at Georgetown but I feel that archaic systems and collective complacency does not allow these talents to be fully utilized. I want to bring us into the 21st century of educating, learning, and innovating. My 11 years of experience in education as an educator and an administrator, spanning from K-12 to higher education, gives me the unique perspective of what it is like to foster engaging minds in the classroom and outside of the classroom. I’ve worked my way up over the past three years from being a temporary employee in the SFS Dean’s Office to become a permanent fixture in running the BSFS program. My biggest asset to the Advisory Council, aside from being a dedicated slogger, is that I have collaborated with many components of campus during the facilitation of the Middle States process. I now have a holistic understanding of who is who on campus and what is what, with respect to best practices of higher education. The main issues that I would like to see the Staff/AAP Advisory Council to take up are retention of talent, performance evaluations, and advocacy for the ridding of inefficient systems, once and for all. Thank you and I look forward to this opportunity.

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