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Medical Center Nominations

1. Aronson, Samuel
Date of Hire: 12-01-2008
Dept: Student Academic Affairs

Statement of Interest from Aronson, Samuel:
Samuel J. Aronson is the Assistant Director of Academic Affairs in the School of Nursing & Health Studies. A five-year employee of Georgetown, Samuel served on the inaugural Staff/AAP Advisory Council, actively participating in the drafting of the Council's original Constitution and Bylaws. If reelected Samuel will build on the success of the Councils efforts over the past year, which include hosting several Town Hall meetings with many University stakeholders, advocating for the Staff/AAPs of the Medical Center affected by the Salary Freeze, and attempting to find solutions to the University’s childcare situation. Specific initiatives will include lobbying for pay parity, identifying opportunities for staff development and serving as a conduit between the University and its Staff/AAP workforce. Serving on the Council for the past year has been a great honor, but there is much work to do and I hope to continuing my advocacy for the Medical Center.
2. Brown, Lynn
Date of Hire: 07-15-2009
Dept: Finance and Administration

Statement of Interest from Brown, Lynn:

I’d like to formally accept the nomination with intent to run in the inaugural Staff/AAP Advisory Council election. My interest in the council stems primarily from my desire to advocate for Staff/AAP interests in an effort to make Georgetown University the best possible employer for all parties. My role at the School of Medicine brings me in contact with stakeholders across the university which I believe gives me a unique understanding of overall concerns of Staff/AAP across campus. Probably the most important issue I have heard most recently is the issue of compensation. Understanding the financial constraints of today's academic environments, I'd like to push for more transparency in compensation-based decisions. GU has done incredibly well to minimize layoffs, but a sense of stagnation is overwhelming many Staff/AAPs. Tough fiscal climates call for creativity to maintain employee morale. To that end, I'd like to see the Staff/AAP Council develop a task force to review net zero fringe benefits such as flexible 80/9 work schedules (80 hours worked/9 day worked) or in-kind benefits such as Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).

Thanks for this opportunity to advocate for Staff/AAPs.

L. Whitman Brown

3. Burke, Patricia
Date of Hire: 09-15-2008
Dept: Department of Nursing

Statement of Interest from Burke, Patricia:
I want to be part of creating a community within Georgetown for the Staff and
AAP to be recognized for their dedication and value. I believe by enhancing
employee recognition programs, professional development opportunities and
work efficiencies, staff and AAP’s will feel valued and supported in their efforts.
In my work at NHS, I collaborate and communicate with many GU departments
and offices, with external partner organizations, and faculty and students. That interaction has made me understand clearly the important role played by Staff and AAP's in Georgetown's mission and success. It has also made me realize the contributions made by Staff and AAP's must be communicated effectively across all constituencies of the university, so that our contributions and concerns can be taken into account.
I would like the Advisory Council to address issues of respect in the workplace, to promote an inclusive and open work environment where all are encouraged to share suggestions and concerns openly, and specifically to develop a program to foster a workplace culture that places value on civility.

Having served this inaugural year, the Council successfully posed alternative options to University administration related to the merit pool freeze. The Council effectively represented our constituents and will endeavor to champion our collective issues.

4. Deardorff, Donna
Date of Hire: 08-04-1980
Dept: Center for Child and Human Development

Statement of Interest from Deardorff, Donna:
The inaugural year of the Staff/AAP Advisory Council has been both hectic and extremely satisfying. The council has accomplished a great many things in terms of establishing itself, the governance and structure to support the council going forward and many other “firsts” along the way. Half of the elected inaugural council was required to rotate off after the first year to ensure a smooth transition year to year as only half of the council will be newcomers. While I freely volunteered to step down after the first year it feels as if we have just begun to get to the day to day concerns the Council was established to pursue. For that reason I have decided to run again this year and hopefully be elected to serve a two year term. Having been on the staff of Georgetown University Medical Center for more than 32 years I wholly support the need to improve communication and to foster linkages that will allow for greater participation of all staff and AAPs to share their views, interests and opinions on matters affecting work life, the environment and to actively engage in institutional affairs.
5. Fahm, Muftiat
Date of Hire: 07-14-2008
Dept: Med - Decision Support

Statement of Interest from Fahm, Muftiat:
Representing Georgetown University non-union Staff and Academic Administrative Professionals(AAP)to promote common interests while working with other members of the community like Senior Executives, Faculty and Students offers an opportunity to promote good citizenship.

A diverse community requires representation of each constituent so that views and interests may be acknowledged and considered for the betterment of the community as a whole.

I am interested in serving in this advisory council to advocate on behalf of Staff/AAP on issues affecting their work life in achieving the mission of the Institution by engaging the University Administrators, including the President, in productive decision making process.
Consideration of Staff/AAP interests and opinions would lead to a positive advancement of workplace experience and University's mission.

I believe in working smarter not harder and that decisions should be made based on accurate and factual data. As a Certified Public Accountant and Research Administrator, working in the capacity of Director of Decision Support at GUMC has provided me with the experience of working with various stakeholders in satisfying diverse demands for information.

I would like the Advisory Council to address how changes to work process are implemented in the University, in particular, support system changes like GMS.
6. Freeman, Rodney
Date of Hire: 05-19-1993
Dept: Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

Statement of Interest from Freeman, Rodney:
7. Hom, Carol
Date of Hire: 08-19-1996
Dept: Department of Human Science

Statement of Interest from Hom, Carol:
Thank you for the nomination to serve on the Advisory Council. It would be an honor to advocate for you and the entire GU Community on issues that affect our life at GU.

Fulfilling the mission of GU – to educate women and men to be reflective lifelong learners; to be responsible and active participants in civic life; and to live generously in service to others – has enriched my professional and personal life.

My 16 years with the Dept. Safety & Env Mgmt (SEM) helped me understand our important roles and how working together solved issues; allowing us to operate as a community. Since joining the Dept. of Human Science, not only did I enlarge my GU family, but learning the academic side of GU gives me a better understanding of how GU operates. I would like to continue to learn and help others. Each of us contributes our talents each day, and I would like the opportunity to learn these talents and develop additional ways to advance professional growth.
8. Kluge, Jennifer
Date of Hire: 06-01-2011
Dept: Research

Statement of Interest from Kluge, Jennifer:
I would like to serve on the Advisory Council because I believe that I can represent the interests and objectives of my colleagues at the Medical Center with energy and thoughtfulness. I will bring an open mind to the issues the Council addresses and gather the opinions of those I may represent.
I have worked at the Medical Center for two years and have had the opportunity to engage with faculty, staff, and AAPs from all of GUMC's sectors as well as individuals from Main Campus and the Law Center. I have served on many committees which address common goals including Convocation, Protection of Minors/Community of Concern, as well as the Data Stewardship and Designated Technology Resource (DTR) teams. I have worked in higher education for the majority of my career because I believe that I can make the strongest impact in this field. I believe that the Council can address issues both small and large, including enhanced or more flexible benefits and more codified telework guidelines. It could also implement an electronic community bulletin board, advocate for increased lunch room space, and ensure equal access to employee resources on Main Campus, the Medical Center, and the Law Center.
9. Mcatee, Marietta
Date of Hire: 08-13-1988
Dept: GUMC EVP's Office

Statement of Interest from Mcatee, Marietta:
Thank you for the nomination to the Staff/AAP Advisory Council. The name of the nominee you see at the top there is Marietta, but you probably know me as "Ett." Greetings!

I am interested in serving on the Council because I feel that the staff and AAP employees should have a voice at Georgetown University. The Council is that "voice." I represent the staff side of the equation, and have been a member of the staff for 25 years. Many of those years were spent in the Medical Center; my current position in DEMOC is with University Services.

All told, professional relationships with both Medical Center and Main Campus staff and AAP members are key to my experience here at Georgetown. I look forward to representing these same people, and more, on the Staff/AAP Advisory Council. I am interested in seeing the Council address, among other things, equitable and competitive salary and retirement issues, suggestions for infrastructure improvements that are key to the working environment, and raised awareness and acceptance of safety and emergency preparedness protocols for the entire Georgetown University community.

Thank you in advance for your vote. I look forward to serving you to the best of my ability as a member of the Staff/AAP Advisory Council.

Ett McAtee

10. McLaughlin, Ellen
Date of Hire: 02-13-2007
Dept: Administration - LCCC

Statement of Interest from McLaughlin, Ellen:
I have worked at Georgetown in many different capacities: an oncology nurse and nursing coordinator, an administrator for an international health program and as Director of Research Operations at Lombardi. Over the years, I have found that Georgetown staff and AAPs are creative problem solvers with innovative ideas for positive change. I am interested in serving on the Staff/AAP Advisory Council so that I can bring forward the concerns and suggestions of Medical Center staff and AAP to others in the Georgetown community so that collectively we can implement positive change.
11. Ramos, Tania
Date of Hire: 09-17-2008
Dept: Finance - SNHS

Statement of Interest from Ramos, Tania:
In my role I have the unique opportunity to gain insight from many of our staff and AAPs as to what issues or topics are of interest to them and holding a seat on the Advisory Council will allow me to bring these issues/topics to the forefront of the discussions.
12. Richards, Cara
Date of Hire: 01-06-2005
Dept: Biomedical Graduate Education

Statement of Interest from Richards, Cara:
13. Wolkoff, Lauren
Date of Hire: 11-12-2008
Dept: GUMC Communications

Statement of Interest from Wolkoff, Lauren:
I am excited at the prospect of serving on the advisory council because I would like to help shape equitable policies that can improve the experience of everyone who works for Georgetown. I believe that I bring solid experience and leadership to the task at hand; I have served on several advisory committees throughout my career and I understand the balance between institutional needs and the need to advocate for meaningful change. I feel I bring to bear diplomatic skills and an ability to build bridges and find common ground. I have worked at Georgetown for nearly five years and within the Medical Center for three of these. During this time I have gained significant insight into the institutional culture at this University and an appreciation for our unique challenges. As a communications professional I believe a great deal can be achieved through thoughtful and respectful dialogue. I am particularly interested in actions that will help us all feel that we are part of the same institution, one in which the same rules and expectations apply to all. Thank you for your consideration.

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