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University Services Nominations

1. Agoston, Aliz
Date of Hire: 06-08-2004
Dept: Procurement and Payment

Statement of Interest from Agoston, Aliz:
2. Churchville, Victoria
Date of Hire: 02-04-2009
Dept: Medical Center Advancement

Statement of Interest from Churchville, Victoria:
The opportunity to serve on the Advisory Council draws me to share my energy, enthusiasm and experience in a forum that could edify the professional experiences of all of us who work at Georgetown University.

My life and professional experiences have given me a broad understanding of the successful partnership between people and institutions, including how to best motivate a dovetailing of bringing out the best in both human and institutional resources. As a long-time member of the Washington Press Corps, a communications executive for a leading nation think tank and a non-profit trade group, I have experience facilitating open discussion among disparate groups, focusing on shared strengths, common ground and greater good. As board member of a non-profit in Georgetown that serves a large, challenged population, I have grown adept at collaborating to best serve the wide ranging needs of a variety of people while safeguarding the integrity of an institution with a stellar reputation.
I would like to address issues of the culture of Georgetown and meaningful ways to more closely align it with Jesuit principles, among other improvements.
3. Davis, Venus
Date of Hire: 06-08-2009
Dept: Research Administration

Statement of Interest from Davis, Venus:
My name is Venus N. Davis. I support the Senior Vice President of Research & Chief Technology Officer. I have been at Georgetown for four years. With experience in corporate marketing, I have planned team building events as well as worked on committees for building employee relations through company-wide volunteering & conferences.

I am interested i being on the Advisory Council as believe that a well- balanced working environment creates a positive and comfortable energy for employees.

If selected, I would like to enhance Professional growth and development which is essential in one's career path. I am most interested in the following areas:

1. Providing development opportunities GU's staff
2. Developing a mentoring program for staff at the beginning as well as throughout their careers which would improve cross-campus communication & relations
3. Encouraging individuals not traditionally supported in their pursuit of professional and/or personal development
4. Making contributions that lead to increased performance and job satisfaction

Thank you.

4. Entsua-Mensah, Isaac
Date of Hire: 10-14-2009
Dept: Patrol

Statement of Interest from Entsua-Mensah, Isaac:
5. Gamino, Anne
Date of Hire: 04-09-2008
Dept: Advancement Services

Statement of Interest from Gamino, Anne:
Dear Staff/AAP ADvisory Council Election Committee,

I am thrilled to accept this nomination and confirm my interest in being on the Staff AAP Council. I have been the Special Assistant to the AVP for Advancement Services for 5 years and as such, I am a highly visible within this office and actively participate on projects that inform and engage our staff. I would be honored to be the representative and liaison for the Office of Advancement and it's staff of 200. I have direct contact with all members of our leadership team as well as our general staff, and I view myself as a liaison between staff and management team. I believe that will be able to effectly share their opinions or advocate on their behalf to University decision-makers.

Various topics of interest to our staff include the merit increase policy, professional development for staff, the University's leave policies and teleworking policies.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,
6. Goodwin, Carole
Date of Hire: 01-04-1995
Dept: University Information Services (UIS)

Statement of Interest from Goodwin, Carole:
Thank you for the honor of being nominated to serve on the Advisory Council. I work as the Executive Assistant to the Chief Information Officer, which offers me an opportunity to interact with lots of people across all campuses. It’s always interesting to learn about initiatives in other departments. That perspective gives me an understanding of the bigger picture at Georgetown. The University has worked hard to provide benefits and opportunities for us, but the Staff /AAP Advisory Council gives a voice to our community. There are still many opportunities for improvement and I would be honored to serve on the Council to help with these efforts. Sincerely, /Carole Goodwin/
7. Harris, Tasha
Date of Hire: 11-29-2010
Dept: Women's Basketball

Statement of Interest from Harris, Tasha:
8. Headley-Soto, Richard
Date of Hire: 06-21-2006
Dept: Controller

Statement of Interest from Headley-Soto, Richard:
9. Jones, Rebecca
Date of Hire: 10-29-1997
Dept: Finance and Administration

Statement of Interest from Jones, Rebecca:
I'm interested in serving on the Advisory Council to ensure that staff and AAPs have a platform to voice our needs and concerns. In my 16 years at Georgetown one thing that seems to be a common theme among the staff is the inequities we face here at the University. One such instance happened this year when the University proposed not to give us raises for FY14 but to allow raises for faculty.

I would like the Advisory Council to work on issue as they relate to equity in pay, staff development, transportation, retirement and improving the overall quality of work life at Georgetown.
10. Koenig, Andrew
Date of Hire: 10-12-2011
Dept: Administration - President

Statement of Interest from Koenig, Andrew:
11. Luger, Peter
Date of Hire: 02-02-1998
Dept: Research

Statement of Interest from Luger, Peter:
I am seeking your vote for reelection to the Council so I may continue what we started in our first year. Among our accomplishments are: drafting and unanimously adopting our constitution and bylaws; creating our website; convening eight Council meetings and three town halls; successfully engaging the University administration about the proposed salary freeze; and forming committees to work on communications, awards/recognition, a budget, and elections. We have talked to and heard from hundreds of our colleagues regarding what makes Georgetown great, and how we can make it even better. We have appointed representatives to two working groups in the Georgetown Community Partnership, dedicated to the University’s long-term campus planning process. We have named a dozen representatives to a focus group on access to childcare services for the University community. And, I have had the pleasure of serving as the first president of the Council. If reelected, I want to begin a conversation with you and the administration about teleworking and alternative work arrangements, sick leave and disparities between Staff and AAP benefits, and donation of accrued leave to colleagues in need. My experience tells me that there will be many other topics of interest, and what may seem important now will change next month. I look forward to serving again and I am confident that the Council will continue to serve as a voice for all of us and further contribute to what makes Georgetown great.
12. Peckman, Michael
Date of Hire: 03-04-2009
Dept: Storage Engineering

Statement of Interest from Peckman, Michael:
I am running as a candidate for the Staff/AAP Advisory Council to leverage my 20+ years of knowledge and experience working in Washington DC higher education to strengthen and improve dialog between Georgetown University Administration, faculty, and staff. As a member of the Staff/AAP Advisory Council, I would work to better understand and communicate the needs of researchers, faculty, and staff within the University community.

I have been a member of the Georgetown University community for the past four years, assisting faculty, researchers, and staff in the IT field. My prior experience includes six years working in the professional services industry providing consultation to the U.S. National Archives, U.S. Government Accountability Office, and U.S. Department of the Interior, as well as over 13 years working at the George Washington University. While working at GWU, I served as a member of the Research and IT Committee -- a University oversight and steering committee comprised of faculty, staff, and senior administrators -- as well as also serving as a member of the Communications Infrastructure Task Force and interfacing with Student Association leadership. I currently support two Scouting organizations in my local community by providing leadership, actively volunteering in several capacities, and serving as a committee member.

Thank you for your support.
13. Peele, Michael
Date of Hire: 07-18-2001
Dept: Security Team

Statement of Interest from Peele, Michael:
I have been a Georgetown University employee for twelve years.
I have worked closely with many talented team members from Main Campus, Medical Center, Law Center, Facilities, Auxiliaries, DPS, and UIS. I was the first Director of GOCard Services from 2001 to 2007, facilitating the implementation of centralized card access and the Debit Dollars account along with policies and procedures. For the past six years, I have been working with physical and information security solutions with UIS.
Some of my previous experience at Georgetown involves work with Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness Architecture committee, Emergency Response Team, the Building/Floor Marshals program, and the Project Management Office Advisory Team. Currently, I am a member of the DPS projects team.
For four years I was a member of the board of directors (including Treasurer and President) of one of the area’s largest condo owners associations with over 1150 units and a $7 million annual budget.
One of my roles on the Council is developing and implementing better policies and procedures improving professional development and work/life balance.
I will be an advocate for Staff and AAPs having a more significant role in the governance of the University.

14. Sapp, Donetta
Date of Hire: 02-07-2007
Dept: Medical Center Advancement

Statement of Interest from Sapp, Donetta:
I would love to serve on the Advisory Council so that I may provide valuable input into discussions regarding the needs, ideas & concerns of Georgetown University’s Staff/AAP’s & would like to contribute time & knowledge towards the reformation of certain processes & policies within the workplace that potentially affect employee motivations and performance.
I’ve been with GU for a little over 6 years & have a high level of interest in the Georgetown Community and what it represents. I’m very much in tune with the growing concerns, suggestions, and aspirations of my colleagues and am eager to help facilitate conversations & action plans in order to address those concerns.
I’ve benefited greatly from participating in many professional training opportunities here at Georgetown that have given me a solid understanding of Georgetown’s policies & procedures, engaging in critical conversations & managing multiple priorities. Additionally, I have served on numerous committees & held several board positions both within & outside of the University.
The main issue that I’d like to see the Council address would be work-life balance. Many employees of Georgetown University commute up to 1 ½ to work (one way) each day. If the University would consider tele-commuting, a shorter work week (working 40 hours in 4 days), or allowing employees more flexibility with their schedules I truly believe that employees would be more productive and less stressed about work related issues.

15. Sherburne, Nina
Date of Hire: 02-12-2010
Dept: Hoya Kids

Statement of Interest from Sherburne, Nina:
I am a teacher at Hoya Kids Learning Center on the main campus and currently serve as the chair of the Human Resources Staff Council.

I want to serve on the Staff/AAP Advisory Council to advocate on behalf of Human Resources, but more specifically for the employees of Hoya Kids. Because of the nature of our work and the structure of our workplace, we often have unique views on issues and decisions related to the university. However, we currently lack a representative on the advisory council to share those views in a larger forum, such as that of the advisory council. By giving a voice to our cohort, we can better perform our important role of caring for the children of faculty, staff, and students, adding value to the GU community as a whole.
16. Vitek, Madeline
Date of Hire: 07-06-2010
Dept: Student Formation

Statement of Interest from Vitek, Madeline:
17. Wang, Michael
Date of Hire: 08-05-2009
Dept: Office of the Deputy CIO

Statement of Interest from Wang, Michael:
Hi! My name is Michael Wang and I would very much like the opportunity to serve a 2nd term to represent you on the Staff / AAP Advisory Council.

I have spent the last year helping stakeholders in the Georgetown community to be better heard. We launched Georgetown IdeaScale, a digital platform that allows staff, AAP, students, and other members of the Georgetown community to share their ideas, comments, and feedback with each other and with senior administrators. In just one year, the “My Georgetown Idea” beta has garnered +3,400 users, +240 ideas, and over 70,000 votes. There is more to come.

Georgetown has the potential to be one of the best companies to work for in the United States.

Our university is one of the most inspiring and vibrant learning communities for students in the entire world. We strive to educate the “whole person” and train our students for the working world. There is no reason why this community should not be just as exciting and enriching of a workplace for University employees.

If re-elected to the Staff & AAP Advisory Council, I will work to create opportunities for Georgetown to invest more in its employees from Generation X to Millennials, and provide relevant opportunities for employees to develop their skills and tap into their authentic selves.

Thank you and Hoya Saxa.


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